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Bodyguard Movie Review : Yet another Superhit by Salman Khan
Published By jontymagicman on 2011-09-06 134 Views

Rating : ****

Wow.... 100 crores in just 4 days. This movie is yet another big hit given by Salman Khan this year after super success of Ready.Now its been three years now that every Eid he is delivering a Hit. Last year it was Dabangg which was bigest opener in the bollywood history. Now all the records of Dabangg have been broken by Bodyguard this year. Collecting near about 20 crores on the first day as compared to 15 crores for Dabangg.

In this flick Salman Khan is playing a role of Bodyguard name Lovely Singh. He is loyal to Raj Babbar and guards his daughter Kareena Kapoor. 

"Bodyguard" is a gentle, sweet  love stories. It has a few funny moments and a surprise twist in the end. Foe some it may be fantastic end and for some it doesn't digest well. Just a little more effort could have made an excellent film. 

But contentwise its a movie especially made for Salman Khan fans.Only Salman Khan is the USP of the film. He is the guy who takes all of the film on his strong shoulder. Its a masala movie with a whole package of comedy, action , music and total emotion.

Bodyguard is a treat for all the Salman Khan fans and followers. A must watch movie , just one time. Salman Khan Rockssss this year too. 

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