Dancing : A Perfect Way To Entertain Yourself

Dancing is a varied form of art that has been developed since ancient times. It is popular in almost all parts of the world. It is one of the most powerful way of expressing your feelings to others. It is now a days have become the most prominent and most efficient way to entertain oneself. If you want to have a quick relaxation just have a shake of good dance. If you want to have a good shape of your body , dance is the perfect way to keep yourself fit.

It is basically the act of moving the body. It

gives pleasure when we move our body in a gracious rhythm. Usually we tune in with music. Many people express their feelings through rhythmic movements. Dancing is not only an art but also a form of recreation. Many people all around the world have dance as their hobby and in their free time they enjoy this art very much.

Dances of the eastern countries consist of symbolic gestures. Modern types of dances do not express any sort of emotion or feelings. They just explore movement. As dancers move their body in

such a peculiar way, just to form pictures. The modern break dance includes even trembling, rolling and walking. Dancing can also be a way of acrobatics. Folk dance is a cultural way of dance. It includes all types of customs and traditions. Well known dances in India are the bangda, the garba & the bamboo stick dance. In these types of dances group dancers form a circle or a ring like shape moving chain. In some folk dances men and women dance together in couples. Whereas somewhere only men or women take part.

Modern types of dances are usually performed in functions, in parties or in public programmes. Such dances are also performed at schools, colleges’ halls and even hotels. Now a days every single functions have dance party in them as a way to attract people.

But according to me the best dance style is ballet dance. This dance has its origin in Italy. Ballet dancers hold their bodies straight upright. In ballet the body should remain calm. Thus dance is a fantastic form of art. 

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