Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude For An Good Personality

Hello friends , I am back with yet another good thought from the world's best known writer , visionary , Shiv Kheda .
To have a good personality we must develop an attitude of gratitude. We must show a positive respect for the people who are trying to help us , say in any way. By doing this we will not only increase there respect for us , but they will also bless us for the good.
Many people around us just think in a different way , they have develop a bad personality of criticizing other in any way.

Even though you help them they will either criticize you or will make out a different meaning , which will make you feel totally helpless to them .

Once a group of Doctors decided to help out , a group of people who were addicted to alcohol . They performed an experiment infront of them, for this they bought two glass. In one of the glass they poured water and in other

they poured alcohol. They bought a insect and made him to swim in the glass of water . The insect finally with some pain got to the top of the glass. They have made the same insect to float into the alcohol. What happened was the insect got killed due to alcohol.
Doctors asked the alcoholic addicts what was the message you got. One of the alcoholic told them that by drinking alcohol all the insects in our stomach will die .
So that is the thinking of most of the people towards the one , who really want to help.
So kindly have a quality of gratitude towards others , because only these values and virtues will let you to develop a good personality . Only this quality will not only make you to the top but it will also help you to make to sustain the top.

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