Does God Really Exist?

Since lot of believe god is for real , yet there are people in the world who believe that it's just all the fake that he's for real.They believe that he is not in existence. An overall survey throughout the world say that he is 67% in real and 33% believe that he is not real for existence.

Today there are people including me who in there life have experienced that he is not in the existence. Many people have told me about having the wrong thinking that i had about his non existence . Many people would have same thinking

as i do. People have their own reasons for it's non-existence ,i have my own reasons for it's non existence.Since i live in the country like India here mostly 90% of people have there long devotion towards god even few years back me too had the same feeling,but today it is not because of the fact that i was from my birth had been told that god runs the world.He is the superpower above all.If you are his disciples he would never harm you. If you worship him daily he would never harm you , though it was well stuffed in my mind and i used to worship him a lot even in my good times but as the time gone passed my this strong belief was taken away.

Once i went to attend the famous 'guruji' seminar , the cult leader who said to people that how much we live is been already fixed by the almighty god , whatever wrong things we have done

we will get the punishment right away by the god.After attending the sermons of that famous person i started realizing that if there is god for real why he not there for the poor Indians or similar people all around the world who though never committed any wrong deeds are living the miserable life. People are not even getting food sufficiently for one time also,they are not even wearing sufficient clothes for there particular home out. Where's the god?If he is there why he is not there to help them ,we in our home sitting on sofa ,drinking coffee,having good food to eat ,having good clothes to wear would never ever say such a word about his non-existence,because when we are living such a nice sufficient life we always have this thinking that he has given us such a comfort.

People when say it is been our wrong deeds so we are suffering in this world. But tell me when earthquake in china and japan hit in this period and over 100000 people were totally disabled where was he, if he really existed he would have prevented such happening. What all people who died is that they have committed some wrong deeds in their lives............Believe me you are living in a world of true happening so i would end in saying don't sit back at home and believe that god is doing what is right but get along and at least make some one who needs help happy...........................................

Article Written By jontymagicman

I am DInesh Varyani.

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