Earthquakes The Biggest Threat To Human Civilization

Whole of the world is in terror about the recent natural calamity that hit the Japan. It was a massive earthquake that shook Japan economically and socially. An earthquake, like floods, cyclones and huge tidal waves, is a massive disastrous natural calamity. This is one of the natural calamity that leaves behind a trail of death and disaster. They leave a terror in the hearts of the people those who are victims of it.

Generally a sudden and violent shaking of a part of the earth’s surface is called an earthquake. Generally the amount of destruction done by the earthquake is

measured by the intensity of the earthquake. If the shaking is not huge and is mild of moderate intensity, there are mild tremors lasting only a few seconds. Its effect is little or has less damage. But if the tremors are huge then there is great loss of property and life throughout the area where it has occurred.

Generally if we analyze the occurring of this natural calamity then it’s nearly impossible to predict the happening of it. Neither it can be predicted nor can it be prevented. Man despite of having high standard of technology and inventions is helpless when it comes to predict or prevent it. Only thing they have successfully achieved is the identification of the places which are more prone to

earthquake. Now they can warn the people living on the surroundings of the prone areas to its possible occurrences.

Generally if we talk about its effect, it’s a worst and terrifying experience, it’s like earth beneath you opening up and slipping away. People generally have no idea about the shaking and come out of their houses in great panic. Huge structures like dams, embankments and house are crashed. Those who are not aware of it get crushed under the debris of falling cement and concrete.

Railway lines and trees are uprooted, houses and buildings are destroyed, bridges crack causing total ruin of the city. It is a usual case where there is a volcanic eruption along with the earthquake. The red hot lava comes with full speed destroying the villages & towns. There is a huge loss of property & life.

Hence for protection we must build houses which can withstand the earthquake and won’t collapse easily. It is necessary to predict an option for the survival of mankind from this huge monster. 

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