The Easier Way May Be The Tougher .

One day Lark was sitting in her nest and singing a song . One farmer passed by her and having a box full of insects . Lark asked him what's in your box and where are you going ?. Farmer answered that box had insects and he is going to buy feathers for those insects . Lark replied me too also have the feathers , why don't you provide me with insects and I provide you with the feathers , as I don't have to go far to catch the insects . Lark everyday gave him one feather for handful

of the insects . When Lark was left with no feather , she was unable to get insects from the farmer and due to no feathers she was not in a state to even search for the insects. Soon she looked ugly , left singing and died because of no food .


is also true with our life also . Many a times in trying to get quick , fast and easy money as well as success we sometimes choose the wrong way . In above story Lark got easy way to get insects which proved costly to her .

Suppose we want to cut grass in our garden . There are generally two ways of doing that , one is to cut the grass with the help of machine . Machine can cut grass in fast and easy way but after some time grass again grows . The other way is some what difficult that is to remove grass completely from the soil , that is remove by picking up the root . This method though hard and difficult but would permanentely remove the grass from the soil.

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