Education Does Not Mean Good Judgement

Being an intellectual does not mean that you will be good in taking judgement. In fact a good Judgement reflects a careful observation. For a good personality education is must. But that education must be value based .

One man use to sell 'samosa' near the road side of village. He was illiterate due to which he was unable to read the newspaper. Yet he was able to sell 'samosa' quiet efficiently. His hard work was widening the range between profit and cost. He now purchased more potatoes for 'samosa', surely in no time he was able to earn the money

, which helped his son in getting the degree of B.A. in college. After getting his degree , he joined his father for help. After a few weeks , he told his father that , "Do you know that our country will soon be facing the problem of shortage , due to
international affairs getting more serious".

The old man thought that his son is intelligent , reading newspaper daily , watching T.V. , listening radio so his suggestion must not be taken lightly. From the next day he reduced the purchase of potatoes and all the other ingredients. Due to this his quantity of 'samosa' reduced and slowly and slowly , all his customers were gone . Father told his son ,"You were right , we are really going from the period of shortage , thanks for your advice which warned us in right time".

What was the moral of the story ?....
The moral was sometimes we are mistaken in considering intelligence as the right decision. We use our intelligence in the wrong field.

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