Environment Global Warming Biggest Threat To Human Civilization

Is Global Warming a problem of concern ??? ... Is Global Warming a step to end of days ???... Well answer to these questions is yes, until we humans don't take necessary steps to prevent it. Let's first discuss what's the main cause behind the Global Warming. The studies tell that the most powerful cause of Global Warming is increase in the percentage of carbon-di-oxide molecule in the environment. Every year there is seen significant increase in the percentage of carbon-di-oxide in the environment.

Well friends... studies have revealed that Global warming is very much similar to a effect called as

green house effect. When we talk about the term Green house we generally refer it to a building mainly made up of glass. In that glass building there is every possible passage of heat and humidity for the growth of the plants. It is been experimented that the visible light of sun which is of shorter wavelength and higher frequency passes through the glass and heats up the glass. Generally the soil which is present in the green house gets warm and emits radiation of longer wavelength and shorter frequency. This is where the effect happens glass has property which allows shorter wavelength radiation to pass but it is opaque to longer wavelength. It absorbs those wavelengths which are generally falls in the region of Infrared, thus the green house remains warmer than the atmosphere which perspire outside the glass, considered to be suitable for the growth of the plants.

So what relates green house to the global warming. Generally see as if the atmosphere surrounding earth acts like a green house glass and the carbon-di-oxide molecules as glass window. This glass window which is carbon-di-oxide allows transmission of shorter

wavelength sun's radiations and this shorter wavelength radiation after making the earth surface warm and getting converted back to longer wavelength heat radiations, and are been reflected back to earth's atmosphere by the carbon-di-oxide molecules. Thus the carbon-di-oxide molecules allows the shorter wavelength radiation to pass through it but traps the longer wavelength which keeps the earth's atmosphere warm. This phenomenon of greenhouse effect maintains the temperature of earth at fair warm state. But because of the human activities the concentration of the carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere is getting increase day-by-day which is resulting in trapping of more and more heat and making earth's atmosphere hot.

Now let us look at the various effects of the GLOBAL WARMING in the points listed below ...

1. Generally the temperature of earth has increased by .55 degrees centigrade in the 20th century. Studies reveal that it would increase to 1-3 degrees to 2099.

2. Areas of northern hemisphere due to increase in temperature of earth, covered by the snow have shown some sort of melting in their glaciers.

3. Because of the melting of ice and increase in land water in seas, the land on earth surface is shrinking.

4. generally warm atmosphere evaporates more water and develops storms which are disastrous.

5. Rainfall will have a increase along with the problem of drought and soil erosion.

6. It will cause death due to drought and floods. It will also cause problem of population migration.


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