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Generally Essays have many classifications of their own. Some of the classifications are divided as being Narrative, Descriptive, Expository,
Reflective and Imaginative Essays. This classification are very much close to each other , the only difference lies that whether we can distinguish between them or not. For example one classification of essay may have a gist of other classification. We can describe each of them as :

1. Reflective Essays :-
Generally a Reflective Essays are ideas or views coming in mind over a topic which are generally abstract. Considering an abstract example ideas coming in our mind or reflections on

some topic such as qualities as truthfulness, honesty, heroism, patriotism, social , political, education , marriage, something right or wrong and business etc. Generally in this form of Essay we provide valid reason and arguements to support our thought.

2. Narrative Essays :-
If we talk about a narrative essay, mainly it consists of description of an event. It should be mainly focus on event and

having less coupling with reflective essays. Some examples can be of events happened in history such as wars and battles, biographies, incidents or an natural disaster such as earthquake, floods etc.

3. Descriptive Essays :-
Generally as the word Descriptive suggest it is an essay that consist of description of some place or thing. Some of examples such as animals, plants, minerals, towns, buildings etc.

4. Expository Essays :-
An explanatory essay consists of an explanation of some subject such as institutions, occupations, parliament, gravitation,astronomy,poetry etc .

5. Imaginative Essays :-
Essays which arose through our creative imagination are termed as Imaginative Essays. These Essays are quite unique and interesting ones , because the author or writer places himself into such conditions and writes the experiences that how he felt. Some examples such as "If I were a king," are imaginative essays.

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