God Is For Real : Proof

There has been big fight going on between scientists and religious communities that is there someone above human beings which controls and even guide us. Scientists are not in favour for the existence for the god and all the heads of the religious communities are in the favour of existence of the almighty. Infact a world survey tells that 63% people believe and worship the almighty and 37% people do not believe in the god .

As this question arises always in my mind , that whether god exists or not. I came to a powerful conclusion that it do

exists . As a science faculty, reading some good books , I have a powerful logic behind all the happenings in the world.

In mathematics , we deal with a quantity called "i" (iota). It is the fundamental quantity of the complex mathematics. Many problems of even advanced technology are been solved by this small quantity called as "i" (iota). Without this quantity our technology would generally become stagnant. But did you know that this quantity is an imaginary concept. Imaginary concept here I mean that it is just a quantity which doesn't exists in the real world . We don't have any proof of its existence , but also we cannot deny its existence.


Modern physics , we deal with a principle called "Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty". This principle states that we cannot measure position and momentum of a body simultaneously. If you know exact position ,you will never able to determine the exact momentum of the body and if you know exact momentum of the body , you will never able to determine exact position of the body. Though this principle is applicable to many concepts of modern physics but yet we don't have real proof of its so called powerful statement . Even then we cannot deny its existence.


Same is the my logic behind the existence of god. This almighty solves all the big and small problems in life. He is behind every single aspect of life. We have no proof for its existence , but yet we don't have a powerful logic to deny his existence in the real world. So its good to have imaginary concept of god. He is powerful problem solver, just ask and it will be given to you.

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