Good Friends Are Most Valuable Gifts God Has Given To Us

Next to ones parents, brothers and sisters, the most valuable thing in our life are our friends. They are a great source of inspiration for us. We need persons to laugh, play, share, understand and talk. But we cannot establish deep relationship with all the people we know.

We may be friendly with many, but they cannot be counted as our friends. Very few of us are that lucky to have good friends. a friend should be sincere and reliable. Our friends are at the heart of our lives. With really good friends we can be ourselves. We can share our

feelings, experiences and deepest thoughts.

We must be careful in selecting our friends. Select only those whom you can thoroughly trust. With whom you can share your joys & sorrows. We must have a few but dependable and trustworthy friends. We look to our

friends to support us at every twist and turn of life. Friendship needs special nourishing. Both the people have to take efforts. We may loose friends if we become grumpy.bossy, sarcastic and very criticizing. Always accept your friends as they are. Accept them with their imperfections and individuality.

Be open in your communication. Express both good as well as bad feelings. Be loyal. Never betray your friends. Treat friends as aquals.never try to be inferior or superior. Genuine friendship is based on selfless regard, appreciation and sympathy. Friendship ends where selfishness begins. Follow the principle of give and take. It can never be one-way traffic.

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