The Greatest Gift Of Life

From the world's total beings , human beings is really weak in his physical behaviour. Man cannot fly high like a bird , he cannot run fast like a leopard , he generally cannot swim like a crocodile and he cannot climb up the tree like a monkey. Man eyes are not sharp as eagle, not his paws and nails are like a wild cat. He is weak and helpless in his physical appearance. Even a small bite of an insect can kill him.

But nature is quiet intelligent and pity . She has given us a biggest gift which is

to think. Man can make his own environment but animals have to change their behaviour according to the environment.

Sad thing is that we never use it to the full strength , only a few people use it to full strength.

Life is just like

a cafeteria in which we have to do self service. We pick our tray , we choose our food and we pay for it . If we have a lot of money than we can buy anything from the cafe.
But if we sit on table and wait for some one to come and serve us . Than believe me , no one would come and serve you , you will keep on waiting whole day.

Life is also a big cafeteria , where tray is your help (studies , work , business etc) . You decide the food (higher studies or lower studies). You pay for it (Struggle) , to receive anything in your life .

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