The History Of Html

From which source the word HTML and from what matter , Web pages-come from?......
Actually it appeared way back in 1960, The first person to use hypertext was Ted Nelson.
He was a philosopher. He built an idea for a system which he named as Xanadu, which allowed non sequential text access. That is, instead of needing to read text from first to last , you could skip some of the part, just like reading a book or novel........

He called words or phrases as "hyper file" which would bring up associations with other words or phrases in the same or

other documents. The great intellectual behind it was that hypertext would be a fully interconnected way to skip around as the thought took you. In this way TED NELSON created what he called hyper world........

In to days modern world browsers are implemented with hyperlinks - that is you

can move from one location to another just by clicking a link. Although it took some long time for that, but it was the successful way. Around 1990 , Tim Berners-Lee an English scientist created some associations between text for its personal use, which allowed him to build WWW i.e WorldWideWeb, it was him who after creating a web server came up with the idea of HTML and URL.

To create HTML , Tim Berners-Lee knew that he would need a markup language , so he chose SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) . It defined all the grammars and rules for creating a web page. Later came up with XML which was Extended Markup Language .....

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