History Of Tourism And Interesting Facts Related To Tourist Attraction

Travelling often as been described as a means of education. Travelling is been considered as a interesting and an important aspect of every individual life. If we see history we will find that since evolution of human civilization man has wondered from one place to another. Travelling has become second nature to human beings. People over the ages have been travelling in countries and far across the globe. People travel for business matters, trade and seek their fortunes in different aspects of life. Migration takes place frequently now-a-days. Travelling has also become a means of pleasure. It has been observed

that people spend nearly 500 billion a year on tourism. This money is huge and shows how we are crazy for the travelling. Following are the factors frequently used in tourism.

THE GRAND TOUR: It was somewhat mandatory to take a tour to the European cities which soon became a part of the educational system of wealthy men. The usual sight seeing places in the holidays were museums, great buildings, historical monuments and battlefields. They are still very much famous and attracts most of tourist from all over the world.
PACKAGE TOURS: the one who initiated the travels

Thomas cook took nearly 572 members of an organization that opposed alchohol, to a tour via rail from Leicester to loughborough. It was the first ever journey package tour. This later turned to become the best company for tours and travels. By the time Thomas cook died in 1892 and made travel easier for the masses.
EXHIBITIONS: exhibitions are a source of bringing people together from all over the world. Earlier huge exhibitions used to be held in Europe and USA.the great exhibition at London in 1851 brought 6 million visitors together.
FESTIVALS: festivals form a part of tradition. The biggest art, music and dance festivals receive large number of visitors. Festivals such as the carnival held in Brazil, USA are attended by large crowds.
SPORT TOURISM: sports that are usually played in winter such as skiing, surfing and diving have become very popular.
AMUSEMENT PARKS: most famous one is the Disney world.USA attracts more than 14 million visitors a year. It is amass fun.

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