How To Attract Girls : Complimenting Her Won’t Work Always

Three things that follows with every girl/woman is :
1. They are not logical.
2. They generally make decision based on emotions.
3. They are very much predictable.

So keeping this three in mind if you are going to just compliment her, then it will not work always. It will just sound as a desperate guy looking to just get into her pants. If you observe a very much hot girl you can get idea that why complimenting her won’t work. If she is too hot than believe me she will definitely get hit by lot of males approaching her and

complimenting her. If you talk about her beauty than she has power and potential to attract any male she wants.
If she is approached by abundance of males than complimenting her in usual way will make her feel you are just an another ordinary guy. Since she is getting active interest and compliment from all over , she will take them
with no problems.
So if a attractive woman who gets hit by all sorts of man whole day will take your compliment say “….. you are looking so pretty” as cold and weak.
So if a girl who is very much attractive and hot would have many options and probably would categorize you as a guy who is looking for sex. Therefore, when you approach with a cold compliment it would not be unique and new to her. She will take as she knows that she is hot and pretty.
So guys complimenting her in old way would make her feel that you are a loser. An unique and obvious approach will surely trigger an immense sort of attraction in her.

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