How To Attract A Woman : Intelligence Alone Cannot Attract Women

If you want to attract a woman or girl you don’t need to be a genius or intelligent. If you see most of the intelligent men are very bad at attracting women. Truly speaking women generally don’t even care whether how intelligent you are or how well you perform on your job. Generally most intelligent men apply their intelligence logic that whatever they do or act is right. Generally apply logic that how a women would react on their act. Thus they always fall into category of getting nothing.

If we talk about them generally most of the intelligent male are

very bad at picking up women because of their poor social skills. Infact they will even fail to correctly approach a women because deep down inside they have a fear of being rejected.

Even if we talk about their psychology, that they are very much scared of getting rejected

that they won’t even try. They are very good at all other immaterial work but when it comes to women they think logically and fail to trigger attraction. One of the factor for such blunder is that they are mentally strong but very much weak emotionally.

Therefore there intelligence is of no use when it gets to attract a woman. They are so curious and anxious that they perform mistake which makes women turn off real quick. Its matter of triggering attraction in women which they lack by applying their logical mind, since women don’t think logically but they think emotionally.

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