How To Attract Women : Good Looks Won’t Work All Time.

Generally this is one of the big misconception among most of the males that in order to attract women you should be good looking. There are so many people who are taught that just be good looking and girls will group around you. Generally it is seen that handsome guys with muscle power is considered to be the guys over which women go flat. Well in most of the cases this is not true.

Generally it is been observed and studied over the years that you all can get attractive , hot girl regardless of how you look and what you

are. So have it in a mind that good looks plays only a small role in attracting a girl. Whereas if we compare the thinking of both men and women than it is observed that men usually think visually
and whereas women think emotionally. That is why men go for the hottest girl in town but it goes opposite to women that they go by what they feel emotionally.

So if we look closely at above comparison we can find that men gets attracted just by the good and hot looks a women carries. Women on other hand are totally different creatures they get turned on just by the imagination. They generally imagine and get turned on because this arouse a strong emotions in them.

That is why in order to attract women you should be able to attract them emotionally. Just if you trigger attraction emotionally in them they will worship you as a god. But the fact remains that women don’t go for looks.

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