How To Attract A Women : Top 10 Lies Told To You To Attract A Women

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you big lies society has taught us to attract a women. Big Lie 1: To attract a woman Compliment her to fullest. Fact : Complimenting woman will not work always. Big Lie 2: Women donít like Sex Fact: Women love sex as much as men do. Big Lie 3: Women go after intelligent men. Fact: In order to attract a women you donít have to be intelligent. Big Lie 4: Women go for the jerks and leaves nice guys. Fact: In order to attract a women you donít have to be a jerk. Big Lie 5: Women
go for looks. Fact: In order to attract a women looks donít matter at all. Big Lie 6: Women go for the money. Fact: Money has nothing to do with the attraction. Big Lie 7: In order to know what women want ask
her. Fact: Women always feel different than their words. Big Lie 8: Always agree to what she says in order to attract her. Fact: If you want to kill all the attraction , then follow her. Big Lie 9: In order to get close to her be a good friend. Fact: Never be in a friend zone of a women to love. Big Lie 10: Women have the power to choose who they want. Fact: Actually itís the men who has all the power to choose the kind of women they want. Big Lie 11: Women donít like to be approached. Fact: They like to get approached by the right guy.

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