How To Buy A Tablet

How To Buy a Tablet
How To Buy a Tablet

Samsung, HTC, Apple, Motorola, Reliance, HP, HCL all worlds best brands have there own Tablets. Most of them are Android tablet. Apple’s I-Pad is an exception to it. So you need to buy a tablet, but confused ?. This article will help you in choosing the best Tablet. Since Android Tablets are now sold highly as compared to other operating systems. One thing is for sure if you are an Android lover tablets are best options of entertainment. Tablets are becoming the most desirable and functional devices that we have always wanted them to be.

/> Certain tips that will help you buying a tablet : How to Guide:

Portability, Weight and Dimension

Well portability is one big concern in carrying a tablet. Keep in mind that weight and portability is one of the key features as Example : Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. Generally if you see the screen size you will find it ranges between 5 to 11 inches. To ensure the safety the size of your screen should say be 7 inches. Samsung galaxy tab are best for the 7 inch screen. Don’t go for large I-Pad.

Generally the Tablets tend to have enough memory. Do check the internal memory , it should be above 16 GB. Also check in the specification of the model that whats the expandable memory. It should be above 32 GB.
Operating System

It is seen that Operating System plays a vital role in choosing a Tablet. The big giant companies like Apple and Blackberry have there own Operating System by the name IOS and OS. Most of the tablets use the Android platform. The user interface of tablet mostly has smooth flow because of its Operating System.

Generally if
we look closely most of the tablets are extension of mobile phone as they provide the functions of making calls and internet connectivity. Make sure your tablet should have features of Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. Also check for the GPS cpnnectivity for providing you the functions of Google Maps.

There is all the fun and entertainment when it comes to Media on the large screen tablets. Generally check for the Audio player in a tablet which also come with FM radio to double your fun. Check that it most have front and back Camera to capture some of the precious moments of your life. Generally 2 MP camera is good for a good tab. Also check for the Video Player and video capturer, it should have a good resolution to play all your movies.
Battery life

Generally a good battery life is must for an Tablet. Most of the tablets have more than 4 hours backup which is quite good. It should have very high stand alone battery life.

Best tablet always have best accessories. It should offer you a Bluetooth headset, a headphone, keyboard and memory cards etc ...

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