How To Dress Up Like A Business Professional In Multinational Company

Keenly having a look at the promises, say both personal as well as financial success....good quality garments which are long in size, those which fit u nicely, and hence which save money for future use.....Above all, your dressing up sense should present a professional image of yours so that all the people be kind enough with you. Following are a few measures that will make your image good in front of all:


Always keep your hair neatly combed and nails properly cut.
Do wear proper jewelry.
Always wear your suit jacket whenever you are at work even outside the office.

not to exaggerate your look with any heavy perfume.
Do not wear ankle socks or light colored socks with a dark suit.
Wearing short sleeved shirts under suit coats is not acceptable.
Showing a clean
clear cuff is necessary.


Always keep your hair neatly combed and nails cut periodically.
Do not make fashionable hairstyles.
Do not wear jeans or casuals.
Just put natural and simple makeup.
Do put on comfortable shoes.
Do wear proper jewelry.
Do not overpower your look with heavy colognes.
Do not wear trendy fashionable things.
These are few do's and don't that a business professional should follow when he/she is working for a big multi-national company.

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