How God Really Works ? .

Hello everyone out there, this is been good day for me.
Today god is kind to me, my this post about how god works.
This is unfair to speak about the one who has created such a beautiful world, me,you,everyone.
But this my own approach to believe that god might work like this .
Taking live examples i need to tell u that how everythings relates to god .

If you are a blogger you blog everyday, When you write a blog and when you post it, the search engine (google) after some time, crawls your blog and add your url

along with your content to the search engine categories.
What this do, yeah this brings traffic to your blog ,but wait if you have a bad content everyone will comment bad on your blog , but if you have good content every one will appreciate your work.
You will get more popularity with your good amount of work.
your respect everywhere.

My believing is such when you say something good or something bad to someone (blog), god (google search engine) records that that bad or good speech.
When you work honest, never say lie , indulge always in good work, live friendly with the others(good content) , god (search engine) will surely bring good opportunities(traffic) for you in life to earn some good respect.
But if you have behaved irrational way ,hate others,behave rudely to them (bad content) god(search engine) will definitely punish you(page ranks decreases in google search engine), you will never liked by the others.

So I am sure you must be believing in same thing as I do. From today onwards work in the path of what is right and believe me rest of the good will be given to you by the god.

Article Written By jontymagicman

I am DInesh Varyani.

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