How To Impress A Girl ???

Want to impress a girl ... Want to go on a date with a girl ... I am providing you with a 5 simple steps to impress a girl.

So here are those 5 simple steps below .....

1. Be a good listener

Generally girl like those guys who have time to listen to her ... Generally they look for the guys who just look into there eyes and listen to whatever she says ... Girls get impressed by this and look at as if you are interested in her.

2. Compliment her stupid talks

Guys generally avoid the talks of the girls , which

not only make the girl disrespected but also felt that she is less wanted in their talks ... Kindly listen to her stupid talks and try to complement her ..... that her choice was the best in the whole world .... Wow slowly you are in the right way to impress her ...

3. Try to be unique

Generally girls always look for the guys who are somewhat extraordinary or the guy must have unique talent ... Say

for example ... doing magic tricks infront of her would make you quiet impressive ... or say playing guitar or any sort of musical instrument would make her feel that you are different from others ...

4. Try to ignore everyone infront of her

Generally if you are with a girl whom you like very much , you have to ignore everyone infront of her. Just make her feel that she is very much important to you .... that's where she will be impressed by you ...

5. Make her Laugh

Truly speaking , make a girl laugh will make it 60% work to impress her easy .... Generally make her laugh by cracking some sort of joke , making funny geatures ... Making her laugh everytime would not only impress her but also will make her some what miss u ... when you are not around ....

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