How To Improve Your Communication Skills ???

Let's begin with the definition......

What is Communication ?..Well..

The word communication has been originated from a Latin verb 'Communicare' , which means 'to impart ', 'to participate', 'to share', or 'to make common' . By virtue of its origination from latin , it is a source of English word 'Common' . It is known that what is common is shared by all. This makes clear that 'sharing' is an essence of Communication.

'Sharing' is the two way process as 'giving' is one way process thus for communication, two sources are needed i.e. a sender and a receiver. Thus what is shared between

two individual or sources , is known as Communication.

What we share in communication?.....

The one word answer to this is - 'Information' , i.e. something that is to be told , in whatever way liked or as per demand of the situation.As communication is sharing so it does not only mean common talk, sending the message to the other person but it is much more than that.

It involves the assurance that the message reaches to the person to whom it is sent ; and also that the sender interprets and responds to the feedback received by him.

Communication is complicated by all factors that influence the human behaviour.........

In business , communication plays a vital role .
Every , organisation , irrespective of

its business or size , is held together by communication.
No organisation can function in the absence of communication. The primary element in management skills is competence in communication.
It is the tool with , which , influence is exercised on other , change is brought in the and views of associates , relation is maintained and established.

Thus in Business , communication emphasises five different points -

(1) The process of communication involves transmission of ideas.

(2) The replication of idea. The idea transmitted is to be replicated in the receiver's mind , without any distortion , to make communication perfect one.

(3) The sender is assured about the replication of idea by feedback. Here it means that communication is a two way process as feedback is the response of the receiver to the sender..

(4)The elicit action is common purpose of all communication.

(5) If all these factors are present then the organisational goal is accomplished.......

Thus in business communication , communication is exchange of any fact , idea , opinion or emotion between two or more people where feedback is necessary and its main function is to inform , or bring round to a certain point of view....

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