How To Increase Page Rank In Google Search Engine

Do you have a Blog / Website ?. Are you an starter in the world of internet ? Want to earn a huge amount money ? Want to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog/website.

Then lets get ready for the answers to all above questions .....

In this post I will provide you with the some basic and overlooked solutions to SEO.

Answers to all above question is the Page Rank.

But main question is how to increase the Page Rank .

Just follow these basic rules and your Page Rank will increase:

Content: Write unique and creative content for your blog or

website.... It could be anything related to even your personal life, society , work place, home , hobby etc... Just write something not even published before ... This would definitely increase Google Page Rank and drive more traffic and thus more money ....

Links: Try to get more and more links from other similar sites which are related to your content.

The more links to your blog , the more increase in the page rank in Google Search Engine ....
Publicity: Try to visit different blog , websites, forums , carnivals and try to promote your blog or website link there. This will not only provide link to your blog but also increase page rank and drive huge amount of traffic ....

Promotion: Try to publish same content to different websites .... but end it with a link to your blog or website , this will count as an external link to your blog or website and the more you do this, the more page rank increases ....

The more page rank , the more traffic , the more clicks to ads , the more money ......

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