How Life Is Full Of Choices ?....

When we eat more food , then we choose an option of being overweight. When we drink more alcohol , then we choose an option of getting headache next day.If we drive a car drinking alcohol , then we choose an option to hurt our self or to others . When we behave in a rude and in a bad way towards others then there is an option that they will also behave with us in the same way. When we don't care about anybody then we make a choice that same thing will Happy to us. They will also

stop caring about us.

Every choice we make have some consequences . We are free to take any choice in our life , but after that , choice controls us .

We are independent to take any decisions but after that decisions controls us.

We eat more food that is our decision , but then that decision controls over body to get to overweight. We drink alcohol that is our independent choice , but that choice controls that you will definitely get headache the next morning.

Similarly is the case with the choice of earning free fast easy money , but after that money controls how happily we live our life. So make your personality such that your choice or decision must be getting success and not to indulge in any other rubbish activities.  

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