How Is Life Full Of Compromises ?....

Life is not meant to enjoy . Its also has some taste of sad and unhappiness . Sudden incident happens in life of which we have not even thought of . Even good people face some bad incident in life . Being a handicapped or having a birth disease are out of our hand , we cannot shout to god . But we can compromise it with the fact that all the bad things god has given me early and now its time that he will give me something good .

So life is full of compromises , its up to

us what we choose and how we see the condition . We have change our self according to the situation imposed on us .

Richard Blechnyden wanted to promote Indian Tea in St.Louis festival . It was quiet

hot. Many of didn't like the hot tea in that season. He saw that cold drinks liked by many peoples . Idea came into his mind that why not I should sell cold tea with some sugar .From that moment Iced tea came into existence and it became world famous .

If some thing unusual happens then we have to compromise with the bad things and make a good way out of it. We have lemon , so its on us that either we can drink lemon water or we can put in our eyes and shout ........

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