How To Succeed With Women/girls

How to attract women ???. How to succeed with them ???. There are many other questions every male wants to know. The basic and the most important rule you must understand in order to get women or be successful with them is triggering “Attraction” in her.

Before approaching or dealing with women you must know an important methodology to trigger an instant attraction in women. Generally you will only be successful with them if you master the basics of being attractive for them. Generally there are no exceptions to that.

If we go by women psychology they are very much

different than men. They act to something based on emotions. It is been there nature that they don’t apply any logic to act on certain situations. They react just by observing something , getting the feel and acting accordingly.

Generally they can’t control to whom they are attracted to because everything what they react is based on what

they feel. It’s like their sub-conscious behavior towards certain moves done by most of men. Therefore when it comes to attracting women, men should have all these attraction triggering moves.

It is also seen that women generally get attracted to the following :
1. They get attracted to someone which they can’t have.
2. They generally get attracted to someone somebody else has.
3. Someone who is in demand and required by others.
4. Someone who is highly unpredictable.
5. Someone who shows qualities of a high valued person in the society.
Apply above qualities in you and surely you will be chased by so many girls around.

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