How To : Ten Ways To Impress A Girl

1. Dress Up Well : Before you approach a girl just wash your face, brush your teeth and hair and apply perfume. Wear neat, clean attractive clothes? You should not look shabby because girls generally don’t like that.

2. Have attitude of gratitude : Be fun to hang around with, easy to laugh with. Girls love when guys can make them laugh.

3. Show respect to her and everyone around you : If you respect everyone, they’ll all respect you. With girls, it works even better. If they see you respecting everyone, they will be assured that you will treat them with

respect too.

4. Have good conversation with her : It's not attractive when only one person talks endlessly or when they say bad words. Another thing to watch for is her attention. If she isn't paying complete attention, do not repeat yourself several times.

5. Have some flirty actions : If you both make eye contact, do not be the one to look away, but do not stare for too long, just give a slight smile. Touch her arm or shoulder for a few seconds. If she seems uncomfortable, do not do it again.

6. Be romantic, but in limits : If you've been dating for a while you may attempt a grand romantic gesture. Give her a bouquet of

roses and a loving poem. It may sound like a bad idea, but girls will find it thoughtful if it came from your heart. Just listen to her and remember things she likes. In general try to give off an attitude like you're interested, but not completely devoted.

7. Just show your funny side :A lot of women look for sense of humor in a partner. You should however be mindful of their reactions to your jokes and avoid offensive humor. Unless they like that.

8. Make her feel good. This is a really good thing that impresses girls. They love it when you let them know you care for them. Make her happy as much as you can. Flirt with her when she’s sad.

9. Be open. Don't share too many secrets with her. Always keep your face glowing and charming.

10. Don't ignore her. Don't ever ignore her messages such as through phone calls, text messages. Make her feel like you always have time for her.

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