How To : Top Ways To Impress A Boy

So girls out there you want to impress your boy , try this ways to impress him.

1. Try to be yourself infront of him : If you want to impress your boy, just be yourself before the boy you're trying to impress. This may sound like unusual and an unhelpful advice, but at last only this thing will remain that is going to be count and the worst thing you can ever do is pretend to be something you're not. A boy will see right through you, who you are ?. what you do ? . So lighten up, enjoy

yourself and have fun. Remember to laugh.

2. Search for his interests : Generally find out what his interests are. This doesn't mean that you like what he likes or you need to pretend to be interested in the same things. Generally find out his interests to just start conversations with him. Maybe you can even be somewhat be funny at him and try to be flirty.

3. Dress Up properly : Generally if a girl is in its proper wardrobe then half of the battle is won in the beginning only. So dress appropriately. It is main source of attraction. Never be desperate for attention. Wear nice clothes that leaves something to the imagination.

4. Be a good listener : Talk to each other calmly and quietly. Always be a good listener. Talk top each other about your hobbies, life and family. This will help you to get yourself known to each other.

5. Respect each other : Generally it is

seen that girl lacks confident when dealing with the boys. Be confident and respect yourself. Make yourself perfect and don’t get nervous and don’t get hesitate when you see him. Always dress up in such a way that you should look attractive and go for outfits that will not look shabby it should be well maintained with proper hairstyle and footwear. it shows your respect and love for yourself. Personality leaves good impression on the guy.

6. Be initiative : It is not necessary that girl always takes the first move. There is no harm if a girl takes a first move to talk with a guy..There is no harm to call him if you will start to initiate the guy it shows your confidence and interest in him. Call the guy for lunch or coffee be confident and take the first step. Enjoy the day with each other.

7. Keep smiling : If you have a smiling face then you can impress a boy quite easily. Keep a good smile on your face with a positive attitude. Don’t discuss topics which frustrate you. Discuss things which make you happy like music. Always talk politely with a smile on your face with a positive attitude. Talk with each other comfortably so that the guy will enjoy your company.

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