How To Write An Good Essay Without Being An Expert

The word essay means an attempt to express your ideas, expressions and feelings in a single prose piece. You may also give your opinions on any given subject.

You may face problems such as how to write and what to write while writing an essay. Your essay should involve good sufficient ideas, information and experience related to the topic given. You can get good matter through reading. You cannot write well unless you have a good vocabulary. Remember ideas can be expressed simply or in a complicated way. It’s your choice. It is always a good habit to jot down the

points as they strike your mind. You can think of good headings and note them down. This keeps you ready for the outline as to what you have to write. Once you have an outline get going with three things in mind: 1) the beginning 2) the main body and 3) the end.

First start by introducing your subject. This can begin with a good quotation or a direct suitable example. The start should be brief, striking and interesting. Then comes the main body

of the essay. Here you are free to express your ideas. The number of paragraphs will be showing how much you can speak on topic given to you.

Finally you have to round up your essay. The conclusion must be good and effective. The ideas presented by you should contain logic within them. It should not leave the reader unsatisfied. Generally it is very much necessary that reader should have interest in reading your essay. It is one of the art to make reader indulge in the essay. The more interesting you write essay , the more interesting it gets for the reader to read the essay.

There must be continuity and unity in your passage. It must be well framed. Each sentence must lead to the next. Do not use the words which you don’t seem to know. Express your ideas clearly and directly.dont use complicated and long sentences. Speech should be appropriate and well placed. If you practice enough, you can develop a good skill to write an essay.

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