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Introduction about Essays : The word Essay is defined as "a literary composition on any subject." Truly speaking, it is basically a written composition which gives someone to have opinions or personal comments on some topic. In fact the word "Essay" is somewhat applied differently to different compositions. Some of the Essays are lengthy articles, like small books, some are small and simple. We can also call them as an attempts or themes to express your thoughts in good way over a particular subject. Generally Essays are your own description on a particular subject of interest.



1. Unity. Generally an essay should be uniform. It should be in unity so that it develops a perfect opinion having a definite purpose. On writing an Essay main focus should be on the subject. There should be an clear picture of the subject and all the unnecessary stuffs should be omitted. It can be treated in different views but the soul should remain intact.

2. Order. Generally to have a balanced Essay order is very much important. Essay should follow a certain path and description should have an definite order. It should be in order so that it is easier to read and all irregulrities of thoughts will take away the soul. Therefore before writing we should have a clear

outline of our proceedings

3.Brevity. Generally when you are writing School essays you should keep one thing in mind that it should not be long. The range of words should not be more than 300 words. As there is no range for opinions but an Essay should be brief and expressive.

4. Style. Generally style matters a lot. An Essay with a style of being easy, natural and in flow is highly recommended. There should be a simple way of expressing the opinions. Using highly complex and slang make Essay difficult to interpret.

5. The Personal Touch. When writing an Essay in each paragraph there should be a punch line. Generally punch line should be one or two lines expressing your opinions about the Essay. You should always provide a personal touch that what you feel about the subject.

We can sum up an Essay characteristics as it should be in unity, in order, having treatment that is not too long, it should be simple, in flow , having a style giving personal touch.

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