Importance Of Batch Operating System

Batch processing requires the program , data and appropriate system commands to be submitted together in the form of a job to the computer operator. The job is usually in the form of punch cards . At some later time , the output appeared. The output consists of the result of program as well as a dump of the final memory and register contents for debugging.

The major task of operating system in such type of computers is to transfer control automatically from one job to next. The operating system always resides in memory in such type of system.

To speed up

processing, operators batch together jobs with similar needs and run them through the computer as a group. Thus , the programmers leave their programs with the operator. The operator sorts programs into batches with similar requirements and , as the computer becomes available , runs each batch. The output from each job is then sent back to the appropriate programmer.

Batch Operating system allow little or no interaction between users and executing programs. Programs that do not require interaction and programs

with long execution times may be served well by Batch Operating System .

Scheduling in batch systems is also very simple. Memory is divided into two areas. One of them is permanently occupied by the resident portion of the operating system , and the other is used to load transient programs for execution. When a transient program terminates , a new program is loaded into the same area of memory.

Since at most one program is in execution at any time, batch systems do not require any time-critical device management. For this reason, batch operating system use the simple, programme control method of input/output. The lack of contention of I/O devices makes their allocation and deallocation trivial.

Batch system provides simple forms of file management. Since Access to files is also serial, little protection and no concurrency control of files access is required.

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