Importance Of Punctuations In English Grammar

PUNCTUATIONS Punctuation in Latin sense means a point ‘a punctum’.it is an important branch of English grammer.the use of punctuations gives more clarity and sense to the passage. Hence these indentions are put to practice. Some of the common punctuation, marks are as follows. THE COMMA: Sometimes a sentence consists of various parts. Hence the comma is used to indicate the pause between sentences. The comma is used to separate phrases, to separate two parts of speech, after clauses and to put aside each pair of words connected by ‘and’. For example: I ate bread, butter and cake. THE SEMI-COLON: It is somewhat
similar to the comma. But the semicolon is used to show a pause of greater importance. It is used to separate conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’. For example-she led a noble life; she died a noble death. THE COLON: It is frequently used to explain and illustrate the meaning of a particular sentence. It is a more complete pause than a semi colon also. For example: the major types of diseases are: THE FULL STOP: It declares the end of a sentence. It is also known as the period. It is also used to mark abbreviations. For example: get up and walk. And also M.A
or M.L.A THE QUESTION MARK: It is also commonly known as the mark of interrogation. It is used in place of a full stop after a direct question. For example: who are you? THE EXCLAMATION MARK: It is known as the mark of interjections. It is commonly used after interjections. It expresses a good or may be a bad feeling. It expresses sudden feelings and emotions. It is also used after phrases. For example: Alas! And also what a tragedy! THE APOSTROPHE: It is a mark indicating possessive case. For example: this is my uncle’s car. THE HYPHEN: It is a line that is shorter than the dash. It connects two parts of a compound word. For example: home-made and cold-blooded. THE QUATATION MARK: It is used to quote the exact words of the speaker. They are used in direct speech. For example: He said,” We are free.” THE BRACKETS: These are used to enclose a matter within parantheses.for example: when I get older (about 10 years).

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