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Importance of Solar Energy For The Human Civilization
Published By jontymagicman on 2011-04-18 129 Views

Have you ever guess which is going to be our future unexhausted energy ?? .. No . Well, the answer is Solar Energy. Solar Energy is the future energy which is yet to be explored. Its importance is now been analyzed very closely by the scientists around the world. Solar energy is provided to us by the sun. It gives us heat, light and energy in the form of radiations. Solar energy is produced through nuclear reactions which constantly take place in the sun such as nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

Sun delivers a lot of energy every forty minutes according to the amount of energy required by the people on earth. But only a fraction of it is used directly by the people. But now-a-days scientists are developing ways to capture solar energy in a larger amount and get it in use. Life on earth totally depends upon the sun for its light and heat. We also depend on the sun for our food. Plants use this solar energy for photosynthesis to prepare their own food. Some plants are eaten by animals which are then eaten by other animals.

Solar energy is stored in the plants and animals. It can thus be used in a number of ways. Trees can be burnt and thus used as firewood.alchohol can be produced by the fermentation of crops like maize and sugarcane. Now ways are being devised to use form of energy directly. In warm climate people use water heaters that run on solar energy for heating water. There are devices called flat plate collectors which heat the water inside the heater. Direct solar energy can be used to obtain electricity.

Solar dryers are used to remove the moisture in grapes and other such items. Semiconducting materials are used y in solar cells to facilitate use of solar energy. Solar cookers are also in use now. Cooking can be done by using reflectors to focus sunlight on the food or on a pot containing food.

Now-a-days due to energy crisis, where there is a shortage of other forms of energy, we may be forced to use solar energy on a large scale in future.

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