Important Facts About The Countries Of The World

This article brings before you the interesting facts about the world. This article lets you know which are the largest , smallest , populated , biggest and developed countries.

Largest countries: The figures are based on the total land area but do not include Inland water such as lakes and rivers. At present Russia is the largest country with an area of 16,888, is followed by china and Canada with 9,327,400 and 9,221,001 respectively. And on the other hand, Vatican City is the smallest with an area of is then followed by Monaco and Nauru with 2 and 21 This was all about largest countries.
Longest and shortest frontiers: A country’s frontier is made up of the combined length of all its land borders. Longest frontier is that of china that is 22,143 km.the shortest frontiers is that of Gibraltar with 1.2km. These were about the longest and shortest frontiers.
Longest and shortest coastlines: This includes both the mainland and all the islands that belong to a country. The longest coastline is of Canada that is 265,523 is followed by USA and Russia. The shortest coastline is of Monaco with 4 is followed by bosnia-hergegovina and Tuvalu. These were all about longest
and shortest coastlines.
Biggest and smallest populations: Now-a-days there is an extensive rise in the birth rate and a steep fall in the death rate. So the economists have described this as population explosion. China has the greatest population of 1,306,313,812.but India is now catching up fast. It is about 1,080,264,388vatican city has the lowest population of 921.
Population density: In the densely populated countries a lot of people live on a very small land. Hence life becomes difficult for the people to live out there. The most densely populated country is Monaco. Its population is 16,205 per followed by Singapore and Malta. The least populated country is Mongolia with 1.78 populations per followed by Namibia and Australia.
Development of the countries: The development of a country depends upon the amount of money earned, education level and the standard of living. The most developed countries are Norway, Iceland, Australia and Luxembourg accordingly. Whereas the least developed countries are nniger, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso accordingly. 

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