Important Festivals, Classification And How It Is Celebrated Differently For Different Religions


Festivals are the tradition of each culture and caste. It forms an integral part of our culture. Festivals bring great happiness to each and every individual. These festivals are celebrated with great pomp and joy. Every festival has its own significance.

Buddhist festivals.

Various Buddhist traditions are followed in different parts of the world. Some of the main Buddhist festivals are as follows:

Dharma day is held on the full moon day of celebrates the various teachings of the Buddha. People spend time thinking over what they mean.
Losar is held in February. It is a Tibetan Buddhist festival. It lasts for

three days. People visit friends, relatives and family. People also have a visit to the monasteries.
Wesak is the festival held in May, on the full moon day. It celebrates the birth of Buddha. It is a very important festival for them.
Hindu festivals

Following are some of the Hindu festivals that are celebrated in honor of gods, and to celebrate over the significance of various events in mythology.

Ramanavmi: it is the birthday of lord is celebrated all over India in the month of march/April.
Holi: it is the festival of fire and comes in the month of February/march.
Maha shivratri: it occurs in January/February. it is the great day in life of lord Shiva
Diwali: it comes in the month of September or October/November. It is the festival of lights. It is the day when lord Rama returned to ayodhya. The streets are lit with lamps and rows of diyas.
Rakshabandhan: it is celebrated in the month of July/august.

It signifies the love between a brother and a sister. Lucky threads are tied on the hands of brothers. Sisters receive gifts and greetings from their brothers. It is a day that just brings loves among all.
Christian Festivals

Even the Christians have their own festivals. They have its own significance. They celebrate their festivals in their own way.

Christmas: it celebrates the birthday of Jesus on the 25th of December it is celebrated in midwinter.
Good Friday: Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Friday. It signifies the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. The Christians ready the psalms and try to remember the teachings of Christ.
Easter Sunday: Easter Sunday is the greatest day in the Christian calendar. It is a day for joy of Christians.
Islamic Festivals

Most of the Islamic festivals are based on the life on Prophet Muhammad. The day he set out from Makah to medina marks the New Year day. Every month starts most probably on the new moon day. So these calendars shift the fall of these festivals on different times of the year. These go according to the Georgian calendar.

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