Improve Your Thoughts And Ideas

Have you ever thought what your family members , friends etc thought about you ? Do they have a good impression about you or they have bad . Your ideas and way of thinking towards other is fully been described by your face, you can't hide it or escape from it.....
Your ideas and your thoughts create a environment around you , if your thinking is positive and constructive towards other people will definitely love you , but if you have anger, ego ,jealousy, hatred towards other people around you ,there will be a sort of negative energy which will

make your environment full of anger and ego.
See there is a communication link between ideas and thought of different people living around you...... When you see a person you don't like , and if he comes into your circle of environment, you feel uncomfortable about that situation . You pray everytime that he must go from here right
now. But when you see a person to which you like at the same moment , all your anger, ego and hatred disappear and there is environment of happiness and love all around.....
So see that's the effect of ideas and thoughts in your life , what do you think for others , same will they think of you.......
So be kind to everybody you see, be helpful to everyone even with your enemy......Your good help will definitely make them think of you as a better person and believe me even your enemy will respect you and help you someday. Your good thoughts and ideas will be your first step to your personality development..........They are foundation to success..........
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