Introduction To The Business Meetings

Business meetings

Meetings can be either productive or even can be a time waste. But if we adopt some simple ways to improve ourselves then we can surely improve our meeting management technique & skill.


Here are some things that will guide you to conduct successful meetings. This can be of great use to you as it will let you know how to think and in which way so that you can produce good results. There are few guidelines which we need to follow :

1: always be aware of the meeting schedule. It should not be such a case that you

enter a meeting without knowing the agenda of the meeting. You should be totally prepared. Each one of us should have separate copy of the agenda and must review it once before the meeting.

2: always the meeting should have only one cause. When there are many things then pupil gets confused and outcomes are not clear and hence cannot meet the needs of the organization.

3: only the necessary people should attend the meeting.

4: meeting should end on a particular time. When meetings end in time, you can gain points in your rating s for meetings.

5: the meeting should be carried out with a plan. In a meeting the plan should be discussed which was decided earlier. Use theses guidelines in your next meetings. Thus you can be someone who understands the ethics and dynamics of a meeting.

You will save time and effort if you approach your meeting with a good feeling and a positive attitude. So that all the other employees’ feel like meeting you again.

Here are some guidelines that you need to remember:

The process at meetings is always slow and hence you should be patient because

it may take time.
People value time hence never is late for the meeting.
Avoid personal confrontations.
Be a good listener. Let speakers speak. You just listen calmly.
Always make use of your meetings to get you workers known.
Don’t come having a cigarette or don’t walk out the meeting lighting up a cigarette.
Don’t try to win an argument. Even if you think your rights then beware.
Understand how to use phrases when

These meetings are quite relaxing and may not take place in the office. But then too good business etiquette is required.

There are 7 points to be considered while informal meetings:

The person calling the meeting should be the senior most person in the meeting.
Punctuality is a must. Never keep people waiting. Always be on time.
The purpose of the meeting should be clear by the chair.
The chair should decide the time, place, and the agenda. All should agree to it.
The meeting should be kept short and as effective as possible and should be set within a framework
The chair appoints someone to record; document the major decisions or the action points.
The results of the meeting should have an effect on the others.  

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