Learn To Like The Things That Need To Be Done : Personality Developement

People have the bad quality to put their work on the others , they try to get as many of their work from the others .

Doing such activities in their life they generally lose the confidence which they require when they face the real world around them . They become mentally disable when they face some big problem in their life. Thus they develop the fear inside that they are not capable to tackle the obstacle in their life . They become lazy , dull in their daily routine also.

One of the great writer said, "To develop confidence in you

, start from the work which is necessary for you and then to get to that work which you can think you can do and finally you will
see that you are able to do that thing also which once you believed that is impossible for you to do ".

This principle is same as giving a yearly exam , you first solve the questions which is easy and which is easily solved by you , then you proceed to that questions which you feel that you can do by applying small logic or technique, and finally as you proceed you develop some confidence which enable you to even solve the difficult problem of your paper.

That's how even life works. So kindly if want to achieve success , money , power then from right now whatsoever task is given to you , try to do and don't neglect it till the end .

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I am DInesh Varyani.

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