Lotus : The National Flower Of India

India is the seventh largest country in the world by area . It is a nation of diverse cultures , languages and people .
In spite of this diversity , we all stand united as Indians having a common national animal , a national bird , a national capital , a national currency , a national flower , a national fruit , a national bird and a national song .......

LOTUS is the national flower of India .
Among the various flowers of Indian sub-continent , the flower lotus is regarded with divinity and grace .
Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi are

associated with the flower lotus .
Even Lord Shiva , who wanted to escape the wrath of the Lord Saneeswaran , morphed himself into the shape of a bee and took asylum inside a Lotus.
/> Buddhists regard this flower as a sacred one .
Lotus symbolizes purity , beauty , majesty , grace , fertility , wealth , richness , knowledge and serenity .
They grow in shallow and murky waters .
The floating leaves and flowers have long stems , which contain air spaces to maintain buoyancy.
Though the large leaves of the plant are floating on the surface of the water , even a drop of water is not accommodated on the top of the leaves .....

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