Our Attitude Contributes To Success

Hello friends , Today I will provide you with the teaching's of the writer 'Shiv Kheda'.
As I am his great follower , I would love to provide you with his teaching's , which has revolutionized the thinking of the people.....

How our attitude contributes to success ?.....
Well say success merely depends on what is our attitude towards the life , people and opportunities etc.....

I would like to explain above point by providing , you with the story of "David And Goliath".

Goliath was a huge monster sort of beast , everybody in the place was afraid of him. His terror

was all over the place.
One day a 17 year old boy, who was a shepherd , came to meet his cousin. He told them , why are you not fighting with that monster . They said,"Didn't you see how
large he is , we can not beat him".
On this David said, "The thing is not that due to his large size he cannot be killed , but the fact is he is so large that our target cannot be mistaken ". After wards what happened everyone knows, that 17 year old boy killed that giant by his catapult.

What was the moral of the story ?.......

The moral was David's attitude towards that huge monster. Same is the case with success. For a person with positive thinking his attitude can make him climb the steps towards success ..

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