Personality Development : Good Habits Is The First Step

When we keep doing a thing again and again, we are inclined to do it over again. It then becomes easy and so we form the habit of doing it repeatedly. Habit is therefore a settled established way of doing a thing repeatedly. For example, drinking tea or a newspaper early morning is the habit of many. Things which we are used to do daily become our habits. So have good habits and you will be good human being.

Generally for developing a sound personality you should have good habits with you. There is a good saying : “What goes around,

come around”. It means what goes to others from you , comes backs to you. Having good habits , help for others will surely help you to develop good personality and will lead you ahead in life.

According to me forming a habit is damn easy, but then getting rid of it is a difficult job later. Actually what happens is that our habit becomes our master and we act as slaves. So keep the good habits and try to get rid of bad ones. We can say habits then form our nature. It becomes very difficult to change our habits as is

the case with our nature. It is easier to form a bad habit than a good one. Bad habits are formed in bad company. We also get tempted by the bad habits of people to do some things which we don’t want to do. But then we get the excitement to do it again which develops in us a bad habit.

Forming a good habit is a bit inconvenient, and requires great determination. But once we begin doing it, and we are used to it, then we no longer feel it being inconvenient for you. In fact our efforts become easier. Habits have a powerful influence on our character. It is said that character is a collection of habits. Good character is made up of good habits while bad one of bad habits. So in order to build a good character, we must build good habits. As said as you sow, so shall you reap? .... Always have a habit that sounds good to others.  

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