Personality Development : The Importance Of Time In Our Daily Life

Time ??? … Most of us have this thing with us since we are born. The only matter of concern is the how we spend it?. Most of the people have no idea how important time could be. They just spend it considering it to be free. The only value a person could make for the time is when it is gone. They not only have wasted that time but also they have wasted or missed the opportunity which could have changed their life completely.

Some people have no idea of value of time. They do their jobs like break the

appointment very easily; arrive late for an interview, but then however important it may be. At some time such people will definitely learn in life that time and tide wait for no man.

When a work is delayed, definitely somewhere time is wasted. Time once lost is lost forever. Many cases are of poverty which are due to due lost opportunities and deferred tasks. Sometimes we have to pay a heavy price for the time we wasted. For example delay in the treatment of a disease may lead to something very serious. The student who keeps postponing his studies will regret at

the eleventh hour. Rather than burning the midnight oil, we must make proper use of the time. It will avoid mental strain during exam time. There a few similar proverbs which indicate the value of time such as “make hay while the sun shines” “strike when the iron is hot” and “a stitch in time saves nine”.

It is always said never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. But proverbs like “slow but steady wins the race” contradict these proverbs. Such proverbs throw light on day to day activities. The saying ‘delay is dangerous ‘warns us against the dangers of delay in actions and punctuality.

We have enormous things to do, but very limited time. Hence let’s make the maximum use of time at our disposal. If we don’t make the proper use then will we realize how dangerous delay is and how valuable time is? 

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