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Generally having a good personality starts by having good manners and etiquetts. People observe your character through the way you present yourself before them. We should be familiar with etiquetts and manners dealing with day to day life. In all of the way to deal with the etiquetts one of the etiquette you must know is to how to deal when you are on a call on mobile phone. Generally people don't see who around them when they are on the call. Few things you should keep in mind when you are attending any call on mobile phone.

1. Avoid attending

personal calls when you are in a meeting, in an interview with your colleagues

2. Never do things simultaneously i.e. making calls while shopping, eating banking and so.

3. Keep all cellular talk to the point.

4. Keep a distance of 10 foot from anyone while talking.

5. Never talk while being in a museum, elevator, at a dentist. In

a theatre, library, places of worship, auditoriums or buses.

6. Don’t have any sort of emotional talk on a public place.

7. You need to grow up!!!Avoid using irritating loud ringtones to avoid distracting concentration.

8. Inform the callers while talking so that they can anticipate to distractions and disconnections.

9. Always use an earpiece while in a traffic so that you can hear clearly and make your conversations clear at the other end also.

Now you need to go and inform all your friends and family that you have leant and put into practice some new rules of mobiles. Ask them also to follow these mobile manners.

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