Personality Development : Take Responsibility Of Your Mistakes

To develop a good personality you must have quality of accepting your mistakes. Generally If you are a responsible person then its your responsibility to accept your mistakes . It is seen that many people throughout the world face problems in life by committing mistakes . Successful person and responsible person will always accept his mistakes. In front of people there comes only three options for the mistake done by them .
1. He can avoid it .
2. He refuse to accept that he has committed any mistake .
3. He accepts it and never repeat it again.

Accepting the

third option needs some courage . Only successful and responsible person accepts the mistake with patience . When situation goes out of hands negative people always has the sayings that it is done by that person and generally they blame each other .

Once President of a company was going to get retire . He was rich , famous , successful and had fulfilled his all money making opportunities. He presented two envelopes to the new president

and said if you indulge in any crisis and you find no way to solve it , then for the first crisis open first envelope and for second crisis open second envelope .

After a few years a big crisis came in front of the new president , he remembered that now was the time to open the first envelope . In first envelope it was written that put all the blame to the old president . He exactly did that . After a few years again a big crisis came in front of him and he thought of opening the second envelope . He opened it and in it was written that it is perfect time for you to prepare same two envelope for the new president .

What was the moral of the story ?...

The moral was that we are never ready to accept our mistakes and we blame it to others .

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