Personality Growth : Make A Habit Of Doing It Now .

We all have a bad quality of procrastinate . That is we delay the work which we must have to do , but we don't do that because we don't want to do that right now. We generally leave that work for tomorrow and you see tomorrow never comes. This bad quality makes us to think negative , completely change our attitude towards the life .

Doing this is similar to a child who says that when i will grow i would do this and that thing , which will provide me happiness in life. When he grows up he says

after completing my college studies I would to that work. When he completes his studies , he thinks all the happiness he is looking for will make it when he will get some job . When he gets his first job , he thinks he would be happy when he will marry .
When he is married he says , all the happiness will come to him when his children will go to school and completes their studies. When all things happen , he thinks he would get it after his retirement .
But after retirement what he see , getting to delay has finished whole of his life.

This is just like a disease which is eating up your ability , which makes you feel alone and dispersed. This is a sort of paralysis by analysis. That's why we fail to get success. So living in present would really make your past good as well as future. Give yourself a habit of doing it now , because if you miss to do it now , you will never do it in your entire life.......

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