Pneumonia:symptoms,cause And Cure

Pneumonia is caused by bacteria called pneumococcus . The bacteria are usually found inhabiting the upper respiratory tract or the lungs of the human beings. In this disease , air sacs in the lungs fill with fluid , preventing oxygen from reaching blood cells and nourishing the other cells of the body . Some times the inflammation occurs in scattered patches in the tissue around the ends of the bronchioles , the smallest air tubes in the lungs . This known as bronchopneumonia .

In other cases the inflammation is widespread and involves an entire lobe of the lung . This

condition is called lobar pneumonia .

Most people are naturally resistant to pneumococcus but when the body is lowered, one can contact this disease which manifests itself with a severe chill followed by a steep rise in temperature . The inflammation in the lungs blocks the air passage , thus cutting off the oxygen supply to the body .

A physician can diagnose pneumonia by tapping the chest and listening with a stethoscope to the sound produced . Tapping the

chest of a healthy person produces a resonant sound because of the air contained in the lungs. In a person with pneumonia , the air spaces of the lungs become filled with fluid , and tapping produces a dull, flat sound . The diagnosis of pneumonia is confirmed by taking an X-ray picture of the chest. Antibiotics can cure bacterial pneumonia and speed recovery .

In addition to drug treatment , a patient with pneumonia should stay in bed , eat healthy meals , and drink large amount of liquids and avoid unsanitary conditions and poor ventilation. Sunlight and fresh air are important for patient .

Meditation may be given to relieve chest pain and violent coughing , and oxygen may be administered if the patient has difficulty in breathing .

The vaccine is given to the people most at risk for developing pneumonia- those over the age of 65 and those with chronic heart , lung or liver disease ...

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