Pollution : The Biggest Threat To Human Civilization

Our civilization is progressing very fast and making material progress. And pollution is the price we are paying for it. Pollution in simple terms can be defined as the contamination of our surroundings. Pollution is our number one enemy. Pollution is a major problem our country faces today. If steps are not taken immediately, we may soon have to suffer a lot more.

Pollution may be of many types. Be it sound pollution, air pollution, land pollution or water pollution. How can we forget the Bhopal gas tragedy???In this extreme case, many thousands of people died due to the leakage of

gas from the union carbide plant.

Pollution poisons air and harms the ozone layer of the earth, which protects us from the radiation of the sun. If the ozone layer is destroyed man will perish

through the harmful radiation of the sun.

It is damn necessary to take quick and effective steps to fight pollution. We must reduce vehicular smoke and the smog (smoke fog) .we also have loudspeakers in cities, baring loud music in festivals like the ganesh chaturthi, navratri.but there is a solution to all these problems also. Laws are made banning the use of loudspeakers.

We must plant more and more trees. Undertake afforestation, PUC tests must be made compulsory. Only then people will be able to breathe properly, and eat clean and drink pure water.

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