Professional Etiquettes

Generally in day to day life we come across two kinds to Professional Etiquettes, The Social Etiquette which deals with the way a lady, aged and weak have to be protected by good behavior. The Business Etiquette which is the manner or behavior a individual follows when he / she is around business environment . It deals with the way how one professional interacts with the other. These people can be either colleagues or the customers.

Generally there are few ways which makes a person fits into Professional Etiquettes. Some of the tips or ways are as follows :

Establishment of the

Common ground with the person.
Keeping your comments or includes to brief.
Having a attitude of gratitude for the others
Don’t brag.
Never talk about the religion.
If you want to have talk on current issues … go in a friendly way.
Make your statements quick and leave.
Awareness is the key.
Generally If we talk about the way to introduction , you should always introduce :

Younger people to older people.
Guets to their hosts.
Junior professional to Senior professionals.
Family members to business professionals in a party or meet.
Business contacts / staff to customer.
Generally following above few points in your nearby environment you are setting a perfect example of respect from lower status to higher status. 

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