Program To Demonstrate How To Display File Information In Java ?.


In this section of blog, we will look into a simple program that will demonstrate how to display File information in Java. The methods used here are defined in File class present in* package. For more details of this method read my blog post : Creating objects and methods list of File class in Java

package com.hubberspot.file.example;


* @author Jontymagicman

public class FileInformation {
public static void main(String[] args){

File file = new File("E:\notepad.txt");

System.out.println("File Name : "+ file.getName());

System.out.println("File last modified : "+ file.lastModified());

System.out.println("File size : " + file.length() + " Bytes");

System.out.println("Path : "+file.getPath());

System.out.println("Abs Path : "+file.getAbsolutePath());

System.out.println("Parent : "+ file.getParent());

System.out.println(file.exists() ? +
+"File exists":"File does not exist");

System.out.println(file.canWrite() ? +
+"File is writable" : "File is not writable");

System.out.println(file.canRead() ? +
+"File is readable" : "File is not readable");

System.out.println(file.isHidden() ? +
+"File is hidden" : "File is not hidden");

System.out.println(file.isDirectory() ? +
+"Is a directory" : "Is not
a directory");

System.out.println(file.isFile() ? +
+"Is a file" : "Is not a file");

System.out.println(file.isAbsolute() ? +
+"File is absolute" : "File is not absolute" );




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